Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Windows

vinyl vs aluminum windows lake stevens wa

Both Aluminum and Vinyl Windows are great options to add to your home’s interior decoration. Choosing between these two is not just a coin toss, given that they are mostly alike in terms of significant characteristics. Aluminum and vinyl are substantially more durable and have low maintenance. In addition to that, they are also way less expensive than wood. However, let us learn what sets both aluminum and vinyl windows apart below.


Aluminum window frames are thinner and give off a modernized aesthetic look to your décor. However, they are strong and are quite malleable, which makes them easily transformable to any shape or design. On the other hand, Vinyl Windows are thicker and more attractive than Aluminum window frames. Most window companies have a plethora of designs present in both categories of windows. Thus, you have a set of different varieties to choose from when you are getting a window for your home.


Aluminum windows are quite resilient to scratching and cracking; while being equally useful in all climates. However, they are more prone to dents, in contrast to Vinyl windows which are extra durable to dents. Even if vinyl windows sustain damages, the design will not show any damage signs; because of being constructed with the same material entirely. Most glass companies pride themselves on the durability of both of these types of windows. However, most homeowners can go for vinyl window frames because of their extreme resilience.


Vinyl windows have a wood-like appearance, which makes them a perfect alternative for actual word windows. Wooden windows are more problematic even if they have an astounding appearance. Its painted surface is also superior to that of its counterpart, Aluminum. Aluminum, on the other hand, needs a coating treatment to get the wooden look. However, aluminum’s wooden coat cannot compare with Vinyl’s Wood Grain Effect.

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