The Top 5 Green (and Safe) Cleaning Products for Windows and Glass

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In order to truly appreciate your windows and tabletops, streak and smudge-free glass is a must. But with so many glass cleaning products out there, finding one that actually works and is non-toxic and safe for the whole family is easier said than done. With vague labels and questionable ingredients, not all cleaning supplies are made equally, nor are they all safe.

Recently, a significant amount of research and reports have come out explaining the healthrisks associated with common household cleaning products. From known and unknown carcinogens to severe respiratory complications, the side effects of toxic cleaning solutions are definitely raising some red flags with consumers. Thankfully, this awareness has also brought about a new wave of green cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals and irritants. Here are the top 5 green cleaning products for windows and glass that provide excellent results, and are safe to use around your family, pets, and the environment:

Aspen Clean Natural Glass Cleaner

The fragrances in typical glass cleaners are combined with toxic chemical agents to strengthen the intensity of a product’s scent. With Aspen Clean’s glass cleaner, the solution is only infused with organic lime essential oil to add the fresh scent we know and love. Plus, it’s ammonia-free without any toxins, making it safe for use around kids and pets.

Biokleen Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner

This solution harnesses the natural cleaning power of vinegar to bring safe cleaning to your home. Biokleen’s powerful mixture tackles dirt, grease, pollutants, and smoke to guarantee a streak-free shine on every glass surface in your home.

Simple Green Naturals Glass & Surface Care

Plant-based extracts and essential oils work together in Simple Green Naturals’ new glass cleaner to wipe away any dirt or smudges from windows and glass surfaces around the house. This non-toxic formula is sustainably sourced and a much safer alternative to ammonia-based products.

Citra Solv Clear Window & Glass Cleaner

Not only does this cleaner work wonders on glass, but it also is a great solution for cleaning countertops, chrome, appliances, and more. Formulated without synthetic perfumes or dyes, it’s a great solution for even the most sensitive homeowners.

Whole Foods Market Glass Cleaner

Free of chlorine, phosphates, and phthalates, Whole Food Market’s glass cleaner uses plant- derived ingredients to safely and effectively clean glass and windows. It’s also unscented, biodegradable, and safe for septic tank systems.

At Glass by Lund, we understand the value behind expertly installed and well-cared for windows and glass. Whether you’re remodeling your existing home or looking to add in some new glass features, our expert installation team will provide outstanding results with top-of-the-line customer service. From residential window glass repair to custom mirrors and tabletop glass work, we’ve done it all; and we’re here to bring your next project to life.

Located just north of Seattle, we are proud to serve our clients in the surrounding cities of Snohomish County. To schedule a consultation today, give us a call at 425-334-5863, or reach us by email at For projects big or small, we’re committed to excellence and the goal to add affordable design, comfort, and value to your home. Make Glass by Lund your go-to residential glass company today!

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