Top Shower Glass Doors Trends of 2020

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Who doesn’t like enjoying a nice shower in a beautiful bathroom? Having a well designed and decorated shower area adds great value to your bathroom. The design and build of your shower glass door can enhance not only the aesthetic, but your overall shower experience. You can make a huge difference in the functionality and look of your shower door by replacing and installing a new one.

There are many choices available when shopping for a new shower glass door. The type of glass you can choose from will range from: fogged, clear, or etched. Your new shower glass door can be customized to meet your personal needs. Practical, functional, and aesthetic features are common design elements for most modern and trending shower glass enclosures

Here are the top shower glass doors trends of 2020:

Tempered Shower Glass Doors

You can opt for tempered glass enclosures that extend all the way up to your bathroom ceiling. This arrangement is perfect for enjoying a nice, hot shower because this enclosure can hold in the heat and steam from your shower, creating a sauna effect. Most Residential Glass Companies will allow you to personalize this type of shower glass door with specially cut upper transoms. These can be opened to control the shower’s moisture levels so that it is not always moist inside, while also helping with ventilation.

Tinted Shower Glass Doors

This is a great option if you want to add interesting details to your bathroom space. The tints are available in a wide variety of colors, such as bronze, gray and blue. These color effects are pleasant to look at and create a nice ambiance. The tints are completely transparent while having a limited amount of color that works to bring out the color schemes of the interior. This glass door doesn’t have a film to provide the color. The color is added in the process of float glass manufacturing. This means that the color doesn’t wear off and remains intact forever.

Acid Etched Shower Glass Doors

This glass door is made out of translucent glass. It is also available in low-iron versions that have a milky-white appearance. Acid Etched glass doors are easy to clean, and they provide the privacy that you need. The etching is permanent on only one surface, typically the one on the outside of your shower. This means that the effect doesn't get scratched off or faded.

Choosing the best glass door for your bathroom can be an extensive and overwhelming process. Here at Glass by Lund, our savvy designers and sales team can educated you on the latest Shower Glass Door designs and trends. We can also help you with installation services at a very affordable rate. We are a family-owned and operated business and have served residential and commercial clients since 1967. We are proud to be one of the top residential glass company in greater Puget Sound area.

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